Learn english: who do you admire the most?

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IELTS Cue Card Question 47 With Model Answer:

Describe a person you admire.

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You should say:
who he/ she ishow you know him/ herwhat characteristics this person has& explain why you admire this person.
Admiration to lớn any individual comes from the heart & requires lots of endeavours as well. I admire a man in my family from my teenage for his extraordinary qualities.He is the uncle of mine, the husband of my maternal aunt. Looks like a Hollywood anh hùng with a height of 6’1”. He loves me very much and is always with our family in both our happiness và sorrows. He is a man of special qualities và is a very good teacher too. I mostly like hlặng for his outstanding ability to lớn teach mathematics và he makes the lessons easy và clearer. Moreover, he can sing very well and his paintings are superb. When I used to learn mathematics from hyên, he made all the xúc tích và ngắn gọn and complexities clear to me within the shordemo time and I had a good score on that final exam.I was a kid of nine or ten when my aunt Sofia was married lớn Mr Alexander Cumberland. As I was highly busy with my studies, I did not have enough chance to lớn meet hyên ổn frequently. When he came khổng lồ our apartment, I did not have much interaction with hyên ổn. But gradually I started realising that he is a man of skill và special qualities. One night, he started singing a melodious song at a tiệc ngọt in our apartment to lớn entertain the visitors, & he presented me a very nice painting on my 13th birthday that I later came lớn know was painted by hlặng. But I came to lớn his cthua trận liên hệ when I needed lớn complete the complex mathematics for my final exam in my sixth grade.Although in the beginning, I failed to manage time to lớn spend with my uncle, I managed it later when the exams were over. I passed few weeks with hlặng và found that he is a great man. He is sincere, likes lớn talk straight, punctual, and sympathetic to others; và filled with other special qualities which are absent aước ao the common people. He is kind và helps the poor based on his ability, never ill-treats anyone và always busy with his own activities. I have sầu not seen hlặng getting engaged in a gossip which is another cause for me khổng lồ admire hlặng. He is softhearted giant & never hurts people. He is punctual and I have sầu never seen hyên missing appointments.Earlier, I told that I had less chance to meet him, but now I regularly meet hlặng (at least twice a week) for different purposes & I find a different taste in passing times with hlặng. When he paints, he keeps me with hyên lớn discuss different issues and he invents ideas for painting during the conversation, according lớn hyên ổn. Besides, when my father is out of the state, he takes care of my family lượt thích his own. He never allows us lớn feel alone and he is a must for any of the familiar occasions in our family. He cheers up the participants và creates a pleasant noise there which increases the beauty of the events. For all these reasons, I admire hlặng most.Sample Answer 2: Mr Yuri Chekhov is a neighbour of mine và I admire hyên ổn most for some reasons. He is really a man lớn be admired only for his intellect and smartness. Yes, this is a very interesting topic khổng lồ discuss và I am grateful khổng lồ you for asking the question.Mr Chekhov is one the most influential men of locality I live sầu in Kazan under Russia. In fact, he has access to almost all the local government offices & everyone there knows hyên ổn well. He is now a retired government official và served as a diplomat in different countries in his early life. He looks very strong even in his 65 he looks much younger as he takes regular physical exercise. Moreover, he also participates in almost all types of sports and gaming activities organised in local levels. He is a social worker as well and takes part in various awareness-raising activities voluntarily.I know hyên ổn from an early childhood. He was the friend of my grandfather và thus he used to lớn visit us often. In fact, my late grandfather was his bosom frikết thúc và been brought up in the same locality. Moreover, he used to study in the same school with my grandfather. As a result, there had been a very intimate relationship with my family và Mr Chekhov. He knows me very well and I also had taken part in some social awareness activities with hlặng in the locality. Even today, if I am in any trouble, I take his advice. He is a man of letters. He has a vast experience as he travelled in various parts of the world. So, most of his suggestions were related lớn real-life problem-solving issues và I found them effective sầu indeed.Mr Chekhov is an extrovert in nature. He loves to lớn meet people và socialise. He is a widower và lives alone in his own apartment – a few blocks away from mine. Besides, he is skilled in telling stories, puzzles and also can solve sầu highly critical math problems. When I was a school student, I used lớn meet hyên with my mathematical problems. He resolved the problems easily và also made me understood how he completed them. On the other side, he is supportive khổng lồ everyone. He never refuses lớn help anyone within his capađô thị. If you make hyên a hotline for an emergency even after midnight, he will be there for your help. With this feature of his character, he has won the hearts of people. Everyone admires hlặng for his benevolent nature & kindness to others. There is a saying that nobody has seen Mr Chekhov shout so far. He is always calm & quiet.I admire hlặng for many reasons. First of all, he is a respectable man in the locality and he has gained the position by hard efforts. He never behaves rudely with anyone. As a man, he owns almost all the positive sầu qualities. Everyone loves hyên for his kindness và selfless support to anything. He never refuses to spover his own bucks for the sake of others. Mr Chekhov is a kind of social leader with his extraordinary skills khổng lồ impress people và raise awareness about any specific issues. Besides, I know hyên ổn from my childhood & he has been a nice man to me since then. When my parents scolded me for inattentiveness with my studies, he interfered there khổng lồ save me from the troubles. He did all the things only for the greatness of his mind. Therefore, I admire him most.