Advise definition and meaning

Are "advise sometoàn thân doing something" và "suggest somebody toàn thân doing something" grammatically correct?

For example:

I suggested us (rather than "we") going in my oto. I advised us (rather than "we") going in my oto.

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In the case of "suggest", the two options that come to lớn mind are:

I suggested going in my car.


I suggested (that) we go in my oto.

You cannot say directly "to suggest someone something", nor can you say "to lớn suggest (to) do something".See further explanation on English Teacher Melanie và more examples of the correct usage of this verb on Oxford Learner"s Dictionaries.

Using "advise" doesn"t sound right in this context. If there were a third person saying it, the sentence could be:

He advised us khổng lồ go in my car.

More correct usage of "advise" on Oxford Learner"s Dictionaries.

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I suggested us/we going in my oto.

I advised us/we going in my oto.

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Both the sentences are grammatically incorrect. You can rephrase these sentences with the use of the conjunction "that" as follows:

I suggested that we go in my oto.

I advised that we go in my car.

You can use "should" before the verb in these sentences in British English.

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I"m afraid "us" does not work there. It should be "we" as a pronoun in such context.

I suggested (that) we go in my car.

I think when you are a part of that group, you can omit the pronoun "we".

I suggested going in my oto.

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