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We rely on our hands for everything from opening doors to lớn pressing the elevator button. If you"re trying lớn limit your contact with shared surfaces while running essential errands, you may run into some problems when using a keypad to pay for groceries or using the ATM.

As we attempt khổng lồ reduce our contact with germs, finding useful tools và tricks to prevent the spread of bacteria is important. A new device called the KeySmart CleanKey is starting to generate some buzz online, as it"s a tool designed lớn help keep your hands clear of shared surfaces. The key"s pointed edge can be used for touch screens and other similar surfaces, and it also has a handy hook that can help open doors.

We wanted to find out if the popular device is worth the hype, so we spoke with microbiologist and host of the "Super Awesome Science Show" Jason Tetro khổng lồ get his thoughts on the tool.

"If a person is concerned about touching surfaces, this probably will make for a decent intervention," he told us.

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KeySmart CleanKey


KeySmart CleanKey

The key is made out of copper alloy, which Tetro says is an effective antimicrobial material.

"So, on the scientific side, the use of copper as an antimicrobial surface is effective sầu as long as it doesn’t get soiled," Tetro told us. "In that context, this is a good thành tựu khổng lồ help prsự kiện contamination & eventual spread lớn the hands."

However, Tetro does note that it can take several minutes for copper khổng lồ eliminate bacteria, & it can take hours to lớn inactivate viruses. With this in mind, it is important lớn make sure you are limiting contact between the device and other surfaces on your person before you are able to lớn properly clean it. To clean the key, the brand recommends using steel wool or a disinfectant wipe.

Though Tetro thinks the device could come in handy for some, he admits that he"ll probably stick khổng lồ old-fashioned h& sanitizer.

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"Is it needed? I prefer khổng lồ use hvà sanitizer myself, but I admit that I am using up a sản phẩm whereas using this key does not require consumption at all," he said.

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