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an official document that states that the information on it is true, và that is given khổng lồ someone as proof that they are, have sầu, or own something, or have sầu permission to bởi something:
Once a company is registered, notice of its certificate of incorporation must be published in a public newspaper.

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When you exercise the nội dung option, you receive a certificate stating how many shares your cash fund has purchased.

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a qualification that you receive sầu when you are successful in an examination, or have done a course of training:
be awarded/have/hold a certificate in sth She holds a certificate in human resource management from San Francisco State University.
But in the context of proving that learning has taken place, the value of a certificate proving attendance can be doubtful.
Nearly half (49 %) of respondents with tertiary education belonged to lớn branch executives, compared with only 30 % of those without matriculation certificates.
This was a cumbersome process và made more difficult as the drugs were listed exactly as recorded on the coroner"s certificate.
We recruited link-workers who were bilingual, came from a range of ethnic backgrounds and who held at least a certificate in counselling.
The use of reputation through certificates was also shown to be an important solution in security mechanisms.
Once the certificate had been issued, rent increased very rapidly until the depression of the 1820s halted the trend (see figure 5).
He or she also intervenes with the administration to help constituents get birth certificates, legal title khổng lồ traditionally owned housing, & other administrative services.
But obtaining a certificate required not only that one adopt techniques such as crop rotation, manuring và the building of field contours.
These officials required petitioners to submit their birth và marriage certificates along with those of the examinees" parents và grandparents.
Ideally, a good local algorithm would provide in these cases a certificate of infeasibility whenever it detects case (v).





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