someone whose job is to plan a piece of work or activity and organize the work of all the people involved in it:

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The project manager is responsible for controlling the design process to achieve the overall project objectives.
The project manager also establishes a technical team which provides the expertise needed to drive the process.
If modifying the export clauses left the module checksum number invariant, the project manager will fail at ensuring the coherency between modules.
Unlike the other team members, the project manager usually does not have a direct responsibility to make decisions on the product form.
In addition, the project manager relates his objective of overall project time-efficiency to the time-to-construct behavior of the construction planning discipline.
Finally, several of the staff mentioned the empowering management style of the project manager as important to the team"s development.
Significantly, the local project manager was also internationally recognized as one of the pioneers in developing and using cost-effective participatory research methods.
Under the direction of the project manager we worked jointly with a landscape architect to design the garden.
The project manager is convinced that the decision to dress the same as one another had a considerable impact on eliminating status differences within the team.
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to press something, especially a mixture for making bread, firmly and repeatedly with the hands and fingers

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