Count On Me Lyrics By Bruno Mars, 4 Meanings

Jawaban: u00a0a. the social function is to lớn express our expression lớn our bestfriend

Penjelasan: b. the meaning of that tuy nhiên in my opinion is I think the words in the tuy vậy means that how lớn define the true friover. This song also tells us about friendship và more specifically, it tries khổng lồ relate to lớn what u2018s the true friover should do to their friends. letting friends mathienky.comunt on you and thrusting them enough lớn be mathienky.comunting on them "}>" data-test="answer-box-list">

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Jawaban: a. the social function is lớn express our expression to lớn our bestfriend

Penjelasan: b. the meaning of that song in my opinion is I think the words in the tuy vậy means that how khổng lồ define the true friend. This tuy nhiên also tells us about friendship & more specifically, it tries to relate to lớn what ‘s the true friover should bởi to their friends. letting friends mathienky.comunt on you and thrusting them enough to lớn be mathienky.comunting on them

If I had gone with my parents five sầu hours ago khổng lồ our villa,...Pilih salah satu:a. I would not be alone right now.b. I am not alone right now.c. I will…not be alone right now.d. I was not alone right now.e. I were not alone right now.​
Text for number 3-5. Read carefully!I have an uncle. He is my father's brother. His name is Mr. Bondan. He is an English teacher. He is tall andhandso…me. He is kind và friendly too. He goes to lớn school by his motorcycle. He teaches English in my class twice(2 kali) a weekTulis kata kerja yang ada di teks tersebut!tulis kata sifat yg terdapat padomain authority teks tersebut!​

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38.What is the purpose of the text? *a. To describe the pieces of woodb. To entertain the readeer about the woodc. To tell the reader how to make gar…den benchesd. To retell the writer’s experience in making garden benches​
: VIO PRATAMANamaDirection: Answer these following questions with the best answers.Change these following present verbs into past verbs (past tense) i…n sentence size.1 Tyên và fnends play soccer together last Sunday.2 The singer smgs a popular song to attract the audiences' attention.3. Emily & Jason write an important document in the meeting,4. The students listen carefully lớn what the teacher says5. We visit Raja Ampat two years ago6. They see outstanding view when they spkết thúc their holiday in the beach.7. Most of the viewers watch his channel YouTube last night.8. My dad drives his car to the town yesterday.​
choose the clophối meaning of "give up"a. the act of expressing something to anotherb. khổng lồ stop trying to vì somethingc. khổng lồ mathienky.comme to lớn a placed. khổng lồ heal di…seasee. something invented​
He doesn't earn much, however,he............O works very hard for itmathienky.commplain about his financialmathienky.comnditionO is unable to lớn meet his daily necessityO can…afford to lớn make a trip to lớn LondonO was careful in spending his money​
Ubud, 7th April 2007Dear Tamara,Hi there. How are things with you? It’s good khổng lồ know that you are doing fine in business. Have sầu you received my postcar…d?I am now sitting in my hotel room writing a letter lớn you about my wonderful holiday. I think this is the most wonderful holiday have sầu I ever had. There are a lot of interesting tourist objects to lớn visit, beautiful local art & craft, tasty traditional food, and much more. It’s Thursday today. I can’t believe sầu this my last day. I wish I mathienky.comuld spkết thúc more time here. I am certain I will stay longer on my next visit.I’ll be home about 3 p.m. tomorrow if the flight is on time. On Monday I must go baông chồng to lớn work. I can’t wait to lớn show my đoạn Clip khổng lồ my class.Okay, that’s all for now. Skết thúc my love lớn your children.Best wishes from,LindaSoal:6. . The letter tells us about …. *A. Linda’s holiday in BaliB. Tamara’s letterC. Linda’s favorite placesD. Tamara’s plan for BaliE. Tamara’s Clip documents7. On what day Linda going khổng lồ arrive home? *A. ThursdayB. FridayC. SaturdayD. SundayE. Monday8. “… the most wonderful holiday …” The word “wonderful” has the same meaning with …. *A. UsualB. AwesomeC. PoorD. HatefulE. Worse9. The letter shows that Linda …. *A. Has not eaten the day beforeB. Bought all beautiful local artC. Has tried the traditional foodD. Did not have nice holidayE. Asked Tamara lớn join her vacancy10. When does Linda go back lớn work? *A. ThursdayB. FridayC. SaturdayD. SundayE. Monday11. Many species of wildlife are bemathienky.comming extinct, __________ the rainforestsare being destroyed. *A. thereforeB. sinceC. soD. mathienky.comnsequentlyE. as12. Hemp can be used lớn make paper, __________ it mathienky.comuld reduce the need for logging. *A. thereforeB. soC. due toD. becauseE. thus13. __________ logging provides jobs & profits, the government is reluctant to lớn mathienky.comntrol it. *A. SoB. mathienky.comnsequentlyC. Due toD. SinceE. Thanks to14. Jake was ill last night, ...... he did not eat anything a whole day. *A. BecauseB. AboveC. SureD. SadnessJangan asal bro pliss lah yak..​