To discuss on it or to discuss about that?

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Someone told me that I shouldn"t use the phrase discuss about, but should say, instead, discuss (the topic).

He said discuss means talk about và using discuss about is like saying talk about about, which is redundant.

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Is he correct? Could somebody toàn thân elaborate on this?



Your friover is correct. You can discuss something, or you can talk about it, but discuss about is redundant for the reason you identified.

discuss: to speak with another or others about

But if you want lớn use the word about, you can have sầu a conversation about, confer about, debate about, or even have sầu a powwow about.

Most of the other synonyms for discuss don"t take about, nor is it needed to converse (or debate).


I agree with your friover. It is redundant to write "discuss about." The definition of "discuss" is "talk about;" so, when you write "discuss about," substituting the definition of "discuss," you"re saying "talk about about." Other than redundancy consider this; the 1st use of "about" is an adverb which is how I think you are using it, and as such it could be used lớn modify the verb "discuss," but "about" used as an adverb means "almost" or "nearly." Think about it; are you "almost" or "nearly" discussing something?

An alternative sầu use of "about" is as a preposition. If to lớn write or khổng lồ say ". . . discuss the . . . " as your frikết thúc suggests is uncomfortable for you i.e. it doesn"t roll off the tongue as if something is missing, you might want to use the noun size of the word "discuss," và reconstruct your sentence khổng lồ read " . . . discussion on the. . . " or ". . . discussion about the . . . " where the prepositional phrase beginning with "on" or "about" offers you the chance khổng lồ describe topic of the discussion

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