Đồng Hương Tiếng Anh

They were more than twice as likely to be interested in và talk more about politics as their less activist countrymen.

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Where the demagogue publicly appealed to lớn the mob, the pious woman appealed privately to lớn individuals, even if, as "proprietors" or "countrymen," they were strangers.
As soon as they approach their own frontier, some of their number are despatched lớn inform their countrymen with respect to the success of the expedition.
I have always, over the years, tried lớn propound the theory that we want the townsman to lớn underst& better what the countryman"s problems are.
I think that nobody will ever enjoy confidence without deserving it, because our fellow countrymen tire very astute, và their judgment is good.
I, too, congratulate our countrymen who have raised more than £50 million by their voluntary efforts, & the voluntary agencies that are handling the money.
We are charged with the responsibility of legislating in ways that affect millions of our fellow countrymen.
There have been handles given khổng lồ those people whose joy it is khổng lồ think that their fellow countrymen in foreign parts can vì chưng no right.
They would prefer misgovernment by their own fellow-countrymen rather than what they would think good government by aliens.
Were they the foreign countries under whose flag we are told under certain conditions some of our fellow-countrymen are anxious lớn take refuge?

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I still say that the majority of our fellow countrymen—và this is something for which we should have sầu some regard—will avail themselves of the scheme.
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