Foot The Bill

Foot the Bill Meaning

Definition: To pay for the bill or khổng lồ cover the cost of something.

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Origin of Foot the Bill

This expression dates baông chồng to lớn the early 1800s.

Foot can mean the bottom of something, such as the bottom of a mountain. In this idiom, it refers khổng lồ the bottom of a column of prices on a bill.

Originally, footing the bill meant khổng lồ add up the prices of different items on a bill và find the total cost. This total cost appears at the lowest part of the bill, or in other words, the foot of the bill.

Over time, this changed to lớn mean covering the cost. Nowadays, this expression often implies covering a large bill, especially for someone else’s expenses, such as a son or daughter’s wedding.

Examples of Foot the Bill

In the example below, a husb& tells his wife about some debts that his brother has incurred.

Kip: My brother Ronny was gambling again. The creditors are coming after hyên. I offered to lớn pay his debts one last time if he promises to get professional help for his gambling addiction.

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Caroline: I’m so sick of hyên ổn doing that! It’s unfair lớn expect you lớn continue lớn foot the bill for his poor life choices!

Kip: Well, he didn’t ask me khổng lồ. I did feel like I had a responsibility to lớn do it though, even though I’d rather not spkết thúc my money on such things.

In this second example, two lawyers are on their way to lớn lunch with an important client.

Jessica: I know you’re new lớn the firm. How vày you like it so far?

George: It’s great! But there’s still so much lớn learn. For example, how are we supposed lớn pay for this lunch with this client? This is an expensive restaurant, & I haven’t even gotten my first paycheck yet.

Jessica: Don’t worry. The firm will foot the bill.

More Examples

This excerpt discusses an actress who had to pay lớn be part of a movie.

This excerpt is about who is responsible for paying extra costs khổng lồ guard a politician.


The phrase foot the bill means khổng lồ cover the expenses of a bill, especially a large amount of money, for a cost someone else has accrued.


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