Freya Kuka of Collecting Cents has compiled a collection of eight of them for your enjoyment. America has more than its mô tả of these inspirational figures, but the danh mục below spans the globe to include successful folks from several continents.

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These risk-takers started with very little & wound up with more money than most people dream about.

What lessons can you learn from their stories? Are there principles you can apply to lớn your own pursuit of wealth?


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Steve Jobs was born to lớn immigrant parents và was adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs, a couple based in California- he grew up in what is now known as Silibé Valley.

His father introduced him to electronics at a young age and Jobs was tinkering around with different devices pretty much every day. He was never one for formal education và soon dropped out of college. During this time, he founded Apple with Steve sầu Wozniak in his parents’ garage.

The company grew quickly và soon became a multi-million dollar success story but at around this time, things started lớn go south.

New products were not doing well in the market and the Macintosh’s failure lớn sell was the straw that broke the camel’s baông xã. The CEO at the time, John Sculley, forced Jobs khổng lồ retire after regular arguments with the company’s board of directors.

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After selling his shares & leaving his creation behind, Jobs took on numerous other projects whether that was the formation of NeXT Computer Co. or his purchase of Pixar Animation Studquả táo.

While all of these projects did keep Jobs busy, he was destined lớn work at Apple. He sold NeXT lớn Apple and returned as CEO. His return to Apple meant the creation of products that have sầu gone down in history. Some of these would be the iMac, the iPod, & the iPad tablet.

Steve sầu Jobs’ innovative sầu nature proved to lớn be ahead of his time at some points in his journey but it is also what made hlặng a billionaire in the kết thúc. When Jobs passed away in 2011, he was reportedly worth around $10.2 billion.

One of Jobs’ most famous quotes sums up his own success story.

“The people who are crazy enough lớn think they can change the world are the ones who vì.” -Steve sầu Jobs


According to CNBC, 20% of Americans vị not save any of their income at all & those who vì chưng are not saving a lot. Redefining what wealth means to you is a good first step to lớn take if you want lớn live sầu a life where money is not a worry & you get to vày what you love sầu.

One takeaway from these eight stories should be “go for it.” More often than not if you think you are on to something, you most probably are.