Conqueror Pubg 2020: Pubg Mobile Season 15

You’re not truly a top gun in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds until you reach Conqueror rank in PUBG mobile. However, reaching that seasonal rank isn’t exactly a piece of cake. Cheông xã out the tips below to lớn give yourself a better chance of reaching the fabled Conqueror rank.

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The Miramar map

6. Play PUBG điện thoại with an emulator

You can play all the best Mobile games with Android và iOS emulator software for Windows. By installing an Android emulator on a desktop or máy vi tính, you can play PUBG Mobile with a PC’s keyboard & mouse controls. Playing PUBG Mobile like a PC shooter with a mouse will likely enhance your shot accuracy & K/D ratio, which will boost your match scoring for rankings. Furthermore, you can also play the game on bigger VDUs with Android emulation software.

BlueStacks is one of the most highly-rated Android game emulators for Windows. That emulator incorporates many handy gaming features & offers much more control flexibility for PUBG thiết bị di động & other Android games. Clichồng the Download BlueStacks 5 button on the BS trang web to install that emulator on your PC.

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7. Lose a bit of health for the sake of healing

PUBG Mobile players also gain points by replenishing their health with healing items. With that in mind, losing a bit of health & replenishing it without getting shot at can help you boost rank scoring. You can thua thảm health by falling from high drops, crashing vehicles, jumping out of moving vehicles, and walking inkhổng lồ the Blue Zone area. By losing health in such ways, you can then replenish it more often lớn get higher support scores.

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However, don’t get too carried away trying to lớn thua trận health. Make sure you save a reasonable number of healing items for when you really need them. Furthermore, note that falling from very high drops và jumping out of vehicles at their maximum speeds can be fatal! So, be careful you don’t thua thảm too much energy when you’re trying khổng lồ do so for the sake of health replenishment.

8. Equip longer và shorter-range guns

You can equip yourself with two guns in PUBG Mobile matches. Make sure you equip yourself with guns for shorter và longer-range shooting. You should get yourself armed with one gun that’s better for eliminating hostiles from longer distances and a second one that’s more effective for taking on hostiles at cthua kém quarters.

Sniper rifles are the best for longer distances, but submachine guns with much higher fire rates are more suitable for fighting enemies from cthua kém range. It’s often good to have sầu an assault rifle equipped, such as the AKM, that can be effective sầu at both longer and shorter ranges. Whatever you choose to pick up, just make sure you’ve got guns for long và short-range firefights. Then you’ll be equipped to handle hostiles at both longer và shorter distances.

The tips above will help you climb the ranking tiers quicker và have sầu a better chance of reaching the Conqueror rank in PUBG Mobile. Those tips will also help you rise up the general non-seasonal PUBG Mobile rankings for classic game modes. Good luchồng, but luông chồng alone won’t be enough for any player to lớn reach Conqueror rank in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.