Which Is Correct: "In The Beginning" Or "At The Beginning"?

Actually, both are correct! However, be careful with which one you use, as they mean different things! The prepositions “in” & “at” indicate whether you are referring lớn a location in time or in space.

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“In the beginning” is used to describe the start of a period of time. It can be used alone, even if the time frame is unclear. 

In the beginning, the company had all but three employees and a tiny garage as their office.

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In this sentence, we can infer that “in the beginning” refers to lớn when the company was new and had just started. 

On the other hand, “at the beginning” refers to the placement of something. 

You should not use pronouns at the beginning of a paragraph!

Author: Katy Lia, mathienky.com Tutor

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