In the event that


“in the event that” is used to lớn talk about things we should bởi vì in order lớn be prepared for possible future situations. In other words, 

“in the sự kiện that” is a structure we use when expressing how we will take precautions for the possibility of something.

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Namely;“in the event that” is used before the clause which indicates the possible reason/cause.“in the sự kiện that” is used to indicate the possible reason or cause of the action which is mentioned before.

A ( Main) Clause ( Action ) + In The Event That + A Clause ( Possible Reason )



You can see many examples related lớn using “in the sự kiện that” below;


I will take an umbrella in the sự kiện that it snows. ( kích hoạt – Possible Reason )

( It snows – possibility / I will take… – precaution )

She made a cake in the sự kiện that they came trang chủ yesterday evening. ( kích hoạt – Possible Reason )

( They came- possibility / She made… – precaution )

I will wait at home all day long in the sự kiện that you Gọi me. ( Action – Possible Reason )

( You Gọi me – possibility / I will wait…- precaution )

He always take a small bottle of water in the event that he should get thirsty. ( kích hoạt – Possible Reason )

( He should… – possibility / He always…- precaution )

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For “in case” vs “in the event that”, cliông chồng here

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