My Parents Dùng Is Hay Are

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i would lượt thích khổng lồ know which of these is exactly correct or is both allowed ? i see people use parent and also as parents in day khổng lồ day communication.


Besides the singular/plural difference there"s always some confusion as to lớn attributive forms, e.g., parent meeting vs. parents meeting or parent"s meeting vs. parents" meeting.

Oftentimes, when you"re using it in this sense, it"s more idiomatic (I don"t know about "correct" since it really should be with an apostrophe) to lớn say parent meeting. You see it used this way in things like the movie The Parent Trap. If, however, you"re just saying something lượt thích "his parents" oto," you would obviously use the normal rules for the possessive. The difference is that a parent meeting is not literally "a meeting of/owned by the parents" whereas his parents" car is exactly "the car of his parents."



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A parent could be a divorced mom or dad that is single và parents are a mom and a dad. so pretty much parents is plural for parent.


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