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There had lớn be some way lớn automate this process on a large scale.

There had to lớn be some way to lớn automate this process at a large scale.

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Which of these sentences is grammatically correct, and, if both are, preferred or standard in American



Both are grammatically correct. However, "on a large scale" (và "on a scale" in general) is a set phrase. There may be variations in local dialects, but lớn most speakers, "at a large scale" would sound slightly awkward.

Checking COCAE (, "on a large scale" is used 25x more than "at a large scale".

Google Books ngrams also shows that use of "on a large scale" is much more prevalent:



Both are technically grammatically correct sentences, but "on a large scale" sounds more correct with respect to the comtháng usage of this phrase.


"On" sounds correct for American

But I think rephrasing the sentence would make the most sense-- "There has to lớn be some way lớn automate & scale up this process."


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