In the street or on the street!!!

"IN" tmathienky.coms us the noun is in an enclosed space (surround or closed off on all sides). Basically, when something is inside something.

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"AT" tmathienky.coms us that the following noun is located at a specific point or location. It shows an exact position.

"ON" tmathienky.coms us that the following noun is located on a surface. Use on when one thing is attached khổng lồ or touching something.

But, what about:

"I am in the street" (so, the street is considered as an enclosed space, maybe, the sentence would mean I am in the middle of the street, not on a pavement)? or

"I am on the street" (so, the street is considered as a surface, the sentence would mean I am standing on it, not under the ground)?

What are the differences?

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I am in the street.

usually means you are on the pavement of the street possibly where you can get hit by car, as one would children "Get out of the street!"

I am at the street.

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is usually used khổng lồ say you have arrived at a street e.g. an intersection with another street "I am at Fifth Avenue & 43rd St."

I am on the street.

is used lớn say you somewhere along the street "He lives on Avenue." means he lives somewhere along Avenue.

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answered May 19 "17 at 15:14

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Marvin Gaye"s song "Dancing in the street" infers that they are in the middle of the street.

The correct khung is stated above sầu. When you use in you are referring to lớn being on the middle of the street or literally inside or under the street. But then we would just say I"m in the sewer under the street.

Kids can play in the street. They can also play on the street. They cannot play at the street.

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"I am in the street" is definitely more generic that "I am on Elm Street". "In" is more general statement about you being out of doors, perhaps homeless; whereas "On" is more specific to a particular street.

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