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when applying for an Indian Visa (or any other Visa) they ask for the place of issue of my passport.

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That is the Italian consulate in London UK.

what is the right answer lớn this question?

Is it London Uk or Italy?



Your passport”s data page (the page with your picture) displays an entry for “Autorità/Authority/Autorité.” As noted in the comments below, the entry there is likely lớn display “Ministro Degli Affari Esteri,” the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as the issuing governmental agency. The Passport itself does not say where (physically) the passport was issued.

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If in this Indian visa application you may only choose “London (UK)” or “Italy” as the “place of issuance,” I”d say the correct response is “London.”


I think it means the place where it”s been physically issued khổng lồ you, so it can be any country other than Italy, otherwise they wouldn”t have put the option to begin with if every Italian passport was issued in Italy only. If you”ve sầu been issued your passport in the UK, just put UK, Indian officials would know anyway that there are consulates, I don”t think they”re dumb to that extent


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