Swamp Man Là Gì

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be swamped with sth After the severe storms, insurance companies are expecting to be swamped with claims.
In the rainy season in particular, potholes, floods, swamps và filth make it extremely difficult for cars and trucks khổng lồ ply the roads.
Overall though, the incentive sầu offered by the redistribution had little impact in reducing care-trang chủ admissions và appeared lớn be swamped by longterm factors.
Prisoners tried to lớn drink the water in swamps along the railway line, dipping strips of cloth torn off shirts.
Coastal mangrove swamps around the northern and southern shores of the harbour were almost completely cleared.
With the development of larger swamps & lakes, some marked changes can be recognized in the megaflora.
Once migration exceeds a critical màn chơi, migration swamps selection, & the two demes become genetically homogeneous and migration can no longer maintain genetic variation.
Large remnant trees were used, but the iron smelters by then consistently ventured into lớn the swamps to obtain supplementary fuel.
When the specific input is svào it will have sầu a powerful influence; when it is weak, it may be swamped by the other system dynamics.
Change continues, but it is bounded change - until something erodes or swamps the mechanisms of reproduction that generate institutional continuity.
At that point, in late 1942, there were pitifully few psychiatrists on active duty, và they were already swamped with patients.
However, the picture changes in times of drought, when access to the swamps for food and water becomes necessary to tư vấn the elephants.

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