I am very keen lớn vày that. I am very keen on doing that. I am keen that I can vì chưng that.

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I would use keen on doing when talking about my general likes, & keen to lớn do when talking about a specific instance, so

I am very keen on swimming

I am very keen to go swimming today

But the difference is subtle, and I don"t know that everybody toàn thân else would make that distinction.

The third one is possible, but a little unlikely, because keen that is usually talking about something happening that depends on other people"s actions (possibly one"s own actions as well), so it sounds a bit odd when talking about one"s own ability khổng lồ vày something. I would expect it khổng lồ imply that somebody toàn thân else must vị something lớn make it possible for me to vày the thing, so

I am very keen that I can go swimming today

suggests that I need somebody toàn thân to lớn take me, or people khổng lồ leave sầu me alone lớn get all my work done first, or the doctor lớn pronounce me fit lớn got swimming or something lượt thích these.

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