Telling their stories in their own words: witness familiarisation at the international criminal court


 ( witnesses   plural & 3rd person present)  ( witnessing   present participle)  ( witnessed   past tense & past participle )

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1     n-count  A witnessto lớn an sự kiện such as an accident or crime is a person who saw it.  oft N khổng lồ n  Witnesses to lớn the crash say they saw an explosion just before the disaster..., No witnesses have come forward.   
2     verb 
If you witness something, you see it happen.  (=see)  Anyone who witnessed the attaông xã should Điện thoại tư vấn the police...    V n 
3     n-count 
A witness is someone who appears in a court of law to lớn say what they know about a crime or other sự kiện.  oft N for n  In the next three or four days, eleven witnesses will be called to testify.   
4     n-count 
A witness is someone who writes their name on a document that you have signed, to confirm that it really is your signature. 
5     verb 
If someone witnesses your signature on a document, they write their name after it, lớn confirm that it really is your signature.  Ask a friover lớn witness your signature.    V n 
6     verb 
If you say that a place, period of time, or person witnessed a particular sự kiện or change, you mean that it happened in that place, during that period of time, or while that person was alive sầu.  (=see)  India has witnessed many political changes in recent years...    V n 
7   If a person or thing bears witness to lớn something, they show or say that it exists or happened.  FORMAL ♦ bear witness to 
  phrase  V inflects, PHR n  Many of these poems bear witness to lớn his years spent in India and Trung Quốc...   
Jehovah"s Witness 
   ( Jehovah"s Witnesses   plural ) A Jehovah"s Witness is a thành viên of a religious organization which accepts some Christian ideas và believes that the world is going khổng lồ end very soon.    n-count 
witness box    The witness box in a court of law is the place where people stand or sit when they are giving evidence.   (BRIT)    n-sing  the N  in AM, use witness stand   

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Translation English Cobuild Collins 

b   atdemo to, bear out, be evidence of, be proof of, betoken, confirm, constitute proof of, corroborate, demonstrate, evince, prove sầu, show, testify to lớn, vouch for      vb 

4   attend, behold   (archaic or literary)  be present at, look on, mark, note, notice, observe sầu, perceive sầu, see, view, watch 
5   atkiểm tra, authenticate, bear out, bear witness, confirm, corroborate, depone, depose, give evidence, give sầu testimony, testify 
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