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I know the question "what are you talking about?" is the correct question.but why can"t we move the preposition "about" before what(lượt thích "To whom are you talking")

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The following informal mini-conversation occurs regularly in English:

I"d lượt thích khổng lồ talk to lớn you.-- About what?Any grammatical rule that would simply preclude the use of "About what" is a prescriptive rule. A descriptive rule would say, "The idiomatic way to someone, rather impatiently và brusquely, that they are not making themselves clear, is khổng lồ ask What are you talking about?"

About what are you speaking? is "incorrect" insofar as it departs from idiomatic usage. Do you understand how that could be considered a far greater infraction than a violation of some prescriptive sầu rule that has no basis in the spoken tongue?


"About what are you talking?" is grammatically correct and you might see that construction in writing. However, native speakers would not generally say that. Instead, they would say "What are you talking about?".


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