You Got It

INTERVIEWER: Alright, lets see if you"re as good in person as you are on paper. Make me a salad.

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MONICA: A salad? Really I, I could vị something a little more complicated if you like.

INTERVIEWER: No, just a salad will be fine.

MONICA: You got it.

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The interviewer asked Monica to lớn make a salad, và Monica said you got it, What"s the meaning of it? Shouldn"t it be I got it which means I understood your words?



In TV dramas và movies, you got it is often used to lớn mean "I"ll bởi vì as you ask". It"s also comtháng while taking an order from the boss/commander.

It is the response of a subordinate to their superior.


"You got it" featured in TV advertisements for a chain of burger restaurants. A hệ thống is shown responding khổng lồ a customer order by using that phrase. I see one implication as that the order is no sooner given than fulfilled.


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